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7k in 7 Days Review

Hello again!

Today I wanted to do a really quick review on 7k in 7 days.  I recently purchased this product on 01/12/18 and I’m sad to say that the product does not deliver in my opinion. I paid $9 using a 85% discount and needless to say it’s not even worth that. I will explain…

The product you get is an ebook. The ebook looks very good and visually pleasing on the outside. Now the inside is a different story. First of all, the ebook has spelling errors which is pet peeve of mine. As highly touted as this product is, no one who was given a review copy bothered to let Ali know that his ebook has errors but yet they all gave glowing testimonials about how good the product he was offering delivered alot of value.

Well let’s review, what’s actually on the inside. The ebook is 37 pages long and is broken up into various sections. The first 5 pages are a regurgitation of  what’s on his 7k in 7 days website. I don’t know why I needed reminding that he was a former riot police officer and how he got started.

The next section was a mindset section on how you needed to be in order to get what he was going to tell you. I’m thinking okay, I’ve heard this before, can we get to the meat and potatoes.

The third section he begins to tell you that there are 3 areas to focus on making money. If you are an online marketer you already know it’s health, wealth, and relationships/dating. By this time, I’m face palming my forehead thinking more fluff.

The next section he lays out his process/outline on the steps you need to step. This is the meat and potatoes and unless you are a Robert Kiyosaki fan you either will love or hate this section.

The next section he lays out the four tools that he uses to implement the process.  The tools all cost money and now it hits me like a ton of bricks. This guy wants me to click on his referral links.

The process he lays out is very time consuming and requires that you build a relationship with Facebook admins in order to gain their trust and access to their people.  The product, the list, and everything else is gathered by doing this step which requires you to be very knowledgeable in whatever niche or offer you will be eventually peddling.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea that for $9 you get a nice pretty ebook, with typos, that outlines his process for how to make 7k in 7 days.

There are upgrade offers such as done for you templates and live coaching which were all reasonably priced but I feel he could have given the ebook away and sold the templates as part of the product package along with the coaching.

Bottomline:  7k in 7 days is not a How to ebook but a process ebook with tons of fluff.

Rating: 2 stars.

(REVIEW) Software for FREE traffic…

Hello all and Welcome!

I recently purchased the software that sends traffic to your website or blogs on autopilot and here is what I found:

The software works as advertised. I purchased the unlimited site license for $3 more which allows you to run the software on multiple WordPress (even FREE) themed websites.


Does it work on WordPress free site?


How long does it take to setup after purchase?

Once I purchased the software and went through the very short videos, I was able to setup and drive traffic to this blog within 30 mins.

How many stars would you give this product? (1 to 5) 5 being the best

This is definitely a 5-star product.

Reason:  You get unlimited traffic for life. NO monthly recurring fees. The software runs until you turn it off.

Ease of use (1 to 5) 5 being the best — 5 stars

Customer support ( 1 to 5 ) — 5 stars. The owner is on Facebook and has a Facebook group and can be reached if you have any problems.